Mr. Neko

Taking off two weeks from work is just like having a semester break for me.

No time for boredom as I was taking care of two patients, remember?

DearDear once suggested to me to quit my job and stayed at home taking care of Amani.

Well, it’s like a ‘green light’ for me. Being a full time housewife and concentrate with my craft project/business, it is my dream job indeed.

I asked some opinions about this, some of them told me to think carefully… some of them just said “Go ahead!”

My mind is throbbing whenever DearDear asking for the answer.

What do you think then?

I need your opinion as well…

While spending my ‘semester break’ here’s what I’ve made.


Can you guess what is it?

While Amani took a nap, I was sneaking to stitch this felt ears.

The result:Β 

C360_2013-03-2809-31-20_org_zps333f41a3 (1)

Ta-da! Meet Mr. Neko

So what’s with those face Mr. Neko? πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Mr. Neko

    • My passion is here…. I don’t like office work..Still weighing the decision and choosing the best answer. Thanks for your advice. πŸ˜€

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