Instax Mini 8 Leather Bag

You will find your outfit isn’t complete without a bag/handbag right?

The same goes to my new ‘bay-bee boo’ here.

Bought him a leather bag, so it is easier to carry him.

Instax bag

He stays comfy in it. 😀

Where did I got the bag?

Please go to this site : Saffawati’s Blog

The price is quite affordable compared to the local shop here.

Blue and White makes a perfect combination isn’t it?

I hope they will come out with mint green colour in the future. hehe.

I also bought him a companion. Cute cute “Amoi” for him. :-p

mini amani

Sui sui Amoi, right?

I bought the keychain at One Jaya Shopping Complex.

Just near to my house, the same place where I bought ‘Bay-bee Boo’ before.

Now, we are ready to rumble!!

Snap! Snap! Snap!

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