March II Drug 2013


March II 2013 Drug : Lullaby by Amanda Hocking

Fan of Amanda Hocking…. must have this book. First of all, you must read the first book of The Watersong Series – Wake.

It’s all beyond your perception. All this while, we thought mermaids were like angels but in this book mermaids enchant human with their voice and kill human. Why? I leave you guys to explore it. hehe…

Well, for some of those who had read the first book, and found that it was a bit slow… don’t give up. The second book reveals more. There were some funny part as well and I must say this… I like Daniel. muahaha… I think there’s something about Daniel which is yet to be reveal in Tidal and Elegy. Yeap.. it’s a quartet!

Can’t wait to read Tidal. -_-

Mission Impossible

Since Amani now is busy ‘spot check’ things, all drawers must be locked. Otherwise, you’ll end up rearranged the things she’s been rummaging through. Sigh~


One day she discovered a key to the drawer. She tried very hard to unlock it. Luckily she still couldn’t find the way to do it. Mission still impossible. 😛

Zombie needs booster

Lepas satu… satu…

For the past three months, I had lack of sleep and rest.

Hospital is one of my a must pit stop.

With my dad admitted to the hospital again, DearDear travelling every week…. so I am now a driver, a housewife, a cook and  a maid. (Full package promotion)

I get to sleep for only few hours.

Everyday I feel like a zombie!

Oh… I need a ‘booster’.

Should I eat some supplement to increase my energy and stamina?


Well, this is my only ‘booster’.

Tired, sleepy, hungry, moody, gloomy? All were gone when I see her.

xoxo Amani.



I love to do what I love to do.

Sometimes, the boredorm is killing me in the office.

I’m a good friend with scissor, glue and paper.

While relaxing my mind, I took some used papers and starting to ‘communicate’ with my ‘friends’.

When all of them combined together, this is the result : [TA-DAAA!]

bookmark love


p/s: My ambition : Resign from my job and be a crafter. I dislikes office job.  😦

Actor in disguise

Toddler is a very talented actor.
Believe me. They really can get your pity by their cries. And the person whom always defeated with their feeling is the mother. huhu.


I always kesian whenever she cries. Bad bad habit for mama. The strict one had to be DearDear. Otherwise, she would not scared to anyone.


What about you mommies? Are you the strict mother or mooshy mooshy mother like me?

Kitchennete Wishlist granted

Happy friday!
Today is my birthday in Islam Calendar. 18 Rabiulakhir. Alhamdulillah, I’m still alive… and kicking. hehe.

Do you still remember my kitchennete wishlist? Well, one of them had been granted.


DearDear bought it for me. Weheee… I was so excited.
So, can someone do me a favour? Any nice recipes can be cooked with this pan? You’re welcome to share… 🙂