Amani and my mother had a special bonding relationship.


I realised whenever my mother is not at home, she would get sick. Maybe she missed her grandmother. I’m not really closed with my grandmother. But my mother really had a special bonding relationship with her grandchildren.

Even me myself feels that my mother is a person I feel calm whenever she is besides me. It’s like a comfort zone…


6 thoughts on “Bonding

  1. Maternal bonding – very sad that many young parents today are too busy with their work and own social activities…so they never really bond with their kids. That’s why they are not as close….

    • I have to agree with you. The reason why we’re so close with our mother is because she is a full time housewife. She gave us her 100% attention, and now towards her grandchildren. I hope, we the new parent will not end up to be like young parent that you mentioned before. I am actually weighing a decision to quit my job and be a full time housewife. Some people discouraged my decision, some of them said just follow my heart. I’m afraid I will regret my decision in the future. 😦

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