Again.. again and again…..

I am on a long holiday again… sigh.

On Tuesday, when I picked Amani from nursery, her teacher told me she seems like to have early symptom of HFMD.

I told her ‘I don’t think so, this is just scars from previous infection.

But they advised me just make a double check-up to the clinic.

So we went to the clinic, and as expected she was confirmed to have HFMD for a second time (in a month??)

My heart wrenched…. me and DearDear just like a fell rooftop.

And my holiday begins…. (again)

This time, DearDear really insist me to resign.

Oh my, I have to face the dilemma again…


Day 2, she started to have fever and vomiting very very frequently.

But I didn’t saw any blister came out even in her mouth.

The whole day she vomited, cirit-birit and weak…

It’s sad to see her like that.

While observing her, my instinct keep on saying that this is not a hfmd. Been through and I knew it….

So yesterday (Day 3), the people from ‘Jabatan Kesihatan’ called me. As usual asking about her condition, making surveys… and in the end they told me to see a doctor again since she had vomiting and cirit-birit.

What do we do? Going to ‘General Hospital emergency room’ is my last choice since I know the service is very very… slow.

In the end we went to Normah Medical Specialist Centre and see the Child Specialist there.


My instinct right!

The specialist said this is not hfmd. It’s very rare the disease happened again quite fast (baru 3 weeks ago her first infection).

She’s more into teething problem. About the red spots on her palm, it may be because of the temperature from her body.

And teething problem is more likely related to vomiting and cirit-birit. (Slap my own head. How come I forget about the teething symptoms?)

The doctor gave her 3 days for observations in case the blister come out.

Went back home, me and DearDear feel relieved.

But he still asking me ‘Are you going to quit the job or not?’

In my mind:  “Ada gik soalan ya… huwargh.. nak lariiiiii”

Again… I’m asking you my beloved reader… Should I quit my job or not? 


2 thoughts on “Again.. again and again…..

  1. adoi….i think not hmfd coz yes its unusual to kena the same thing so soon. anyway it would have to be different strain of the virus.

    last time J also fever…then fever surut already and red dots came out. Went to see doctor coz thought chicken pox or measel but the doctor said its not. Said usully if fever too high then red dots will appear. sometimes will appear after a few days

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