How a parcel could made my day

The day when Amani was vomiting non-stop, I could feel my body was out of lives (just like in a game).

Luckily this parcel made my day.

Parcel minnie

What could it be inside the parcel?

I knew it was from Oster, my best friend in Miri.

She planned to distribute the used books donated to the library she worked with to the three of us (Me, Hilal & Ina : the book addicts) :-D.

At first we were given to choose by ourselves, in the end all of us wanted the Sidney Sheldon’s book. lol

To be fair, Oster chose for each of us.

Drugs n froggie

I’m so glad I have those books eventhough I’m pretty much sure I couldn’t get the Sidney Sheldon’s book. ahaha.

I got Mrs Perfect by Jane Porter & The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble. 

Plus a Froggy Hand Puppet! 😀

Thanks Oster!!! You really really made my day~



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