Just can’t get enough…

Macam lagu Black Eye Peas “I just can’t get enough…”

Of what? Of these drugs!!!


How can I resist not to have those in my collection?

Buy 3 for the price of 2?

It was Ain who told me about this promotion at Popular Bookstore.

As a Sophie Kinsella’s fan, this is really a ticket for me to make a collection of her books.


I have read Twenties Girl but that was  an e-book version.

And then I chose two of Madeleine Wickham’s book since I haven’t tried it yet.

Shh…. please don’t mention this to DearDear.

I just bought books from online.

I can say, I’m addict and worst at this!

I don’t want to end up questioning by him why buying so many book while I have boxes of unread books in lines.

One day, he saw my box of unread books and asked me where to put the box. “Want me help you to lift up the box?”

Me : “No.. no..”

DearDear : “Why? You still want to read those?”

I just nod my head and look straight away.

I lied to him… that was my ‘unread’ books. muhuhuhu.

Sorry DearDear, this is my weakness.

I buy books like some woman buy clothes.

I need a therapy. ;-p


8 thoughts on “Just can’t get enough…

  1. eh how come the first one is smaller compared to another 2? haha. i haven’t started any reading but i guess i will start as soon as i submit my thesis (project paper). because then i just need to prepare for my final exam in june. reading for exam is pain in the ass! LOL

    • Oh, the first publish is the hardcover one. Quite expensive, so I just bought the normal cover. Ahakz, good luck to you. I know how you feel. I’m glad my crucial time with exam had passed. Bwahaha….

  2. You addicted…like mamakucing. I think some people do reviews and get paid for it – and get to read the books too…for free, I guess. You’ll have to ask those people – I wouldn’t know.

    • Seriously am. But Mamakucing still no 1 an avid reader. hehe…. I’m not good in book reviews, I tend to give bad comment. Like a ‘bad judge’ in reality show. Ahahaha…

  3. You can never have enough books! I will always find room for more – a house is not a home without LOTS of books 🙂

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