My baby also have a passport picture. hehe.

Now, look who’s here….


The small inset picture is Amani of course.

Can you guess who is the little kid with the pointed arrow in the picture?

Looks similar aren’t they?

Well, that was DearDear when he was small. 😀

Now I know she ‘copycat’ the pouty mouth. bwahahaha….

And also the smiles :



Thanks to my mother in-law for showing the old pictures to me. 🙂

Milk Hunt

Yesterday was a milk hunt day for us.
I was looking for Amani’s formula milk Similac LF.
Been searching for almost every shop and found none.
The last resort I found two small tins at the Mummycare.
I wonder why there are no stock of this milk?


Poor my baby.
She is lactose intolerent, she just can’t simply feeding of other formula milk.
The milk hunt still on, if I have to buy from outside Kuching, I will do it so…