My week in pictures #5


Everywhere I go, I love taking pictures.

It could be anything.

This is the picture of ‘Kurma Tree’ (Date Tree) found inside a building and a big vase with flowing water, also found in the middle of a building.

Where was it? I found those two  unique decorations in the Crown Square building.

For your information, they were real. Not a replica.

During lunch break yesterday, me and my chummies went browsing around at the Hock Lee supermarket.

And then I stumble upon this box…


“Naik Sendiri Tepong” LOL!! 😀

It was a direct translation from Self Rising Flour!

I should have bring a red marker to correct the grammar. :-p

Hamburglar X Hello Kitty

Yesterday I saw this picture from Smallkucing facebook.


Hello Kitty plushies!
Amani is a fan of this cat. Me too.
So last night I pesan with my brother to tapau McD burgers and buy this Hello Kitty.


Ta-daaa… This week they sell the Hamburglar X Hello Kitty. Cute!!!
I gave it to Amani this morning, when she woke up.


Look at her face…
Once she saw the Hello Kitty, she called it ‘Beyybiieeee…’

Next hunt: The purple Hello Kitty next week. 🙂