Another therapy

Copied from Zalora’s commercial advertisement :  “Dengar sini, jangan beritahu isteri, girlfriend, adik, kakak, ibu mertua tentang entry saya kali ini….. “



There’s a crazy sales at Lea Centre & Lea Sports Centre. All items at 1/2 price only!!!!

It was DearDear who insisted to go to  Lea’s last Sunday. He told me he wanted to look for a safety boot.

I said Okay… (inside me was jumping up & down. Shopping – hooraay!)

Off we went to Hopoh but couldn’t find any parking space.

Had to parked at the building besides Hopoh.

At Lea’s we separated for each section. DearDear went to the men section, me and Amani to the women section.

After surveying, browsing, looking and waiting for DearDear finished his window shopping, here’s what I’ve got for myself and Amani. :-p


Woven Rose purse, guess how much is this? RM9.90!! (Grab! Grab!)

I also bought Pink Leather Rose purse for my mom. Also cost RM9.90 (Grab! Grab!)


White wedges! I simply can’t say NO. hehe.  This one originally cost RM69.90 and after less is RM34.95. (Grab! Grab!)


Amani also had one… Emilio Valentino for kids cost only RM32.++ (Grab! GRab!)

I really planning to buy her sandals in the first place, coz she lost her sandal at Normah Medical Centre before.


I only found out after we got inside the car.

Maybe, there will be a prince out there who will return the other sandal to Amani. :-p

The sales period will end on 5th May. Go go go!

p/s: DearDear bought nothing that day. Siaan….


4 thoughts on “Another therapy

  1. Cheap, ok. Watch out for the branded ones – not really cheap during sales…and I bought one pair of sandals, over RM70 – so painful when I used – the sole was not fixed properly…so had to just throw it away – a total waste of money. Other than that, old shoes in the shops – there for a long time…may suddenly become buaya when used. Quality these days – really lacking!!!! Love those pink shoes, very nice.

    • Yeah.. Most of the items are the old ones. I think they want to restock for the new one as Gawai is coming soon. Have to be choosy when it comes to this. No wonder my husband didn’t bought anything that day. He’s a bit fussy when choosing shoes. 🙂

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