Gain weight lost weight

Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about my weight. Cuz if I start to talk about my weight it will be forever. Muhuhu…


This about Amani. That’s her picture before she had diarhoea. She weight about 14kg.
After she had teething symptom she lost around 3kg. She is now weight 11.5kg. Poor my dear baby. Fortunately her appetite is back to normal. Akways asking for ‘mamam’ hehe.




My baby also have a passport picture. hehe.

Now, look who’s here….


The small inset picture is Amani of course.

Can you guess who is the little kid with the pointed arrow in the picture?

Looks similar aren’t they?

Well, that was DearDear when he was small. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now I know she ‘copycat’ the pouty mouth. bwahahaha….

And also the smiles :



Thanks to my mother in-law for showing the old pictures to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Milk Hunt

Yesterday was a milk hunt day for us.
I was looking for Amani’s formula milk Similac LF.
Been searching for almost every shop and found none.
The last resort I found two small tins at the Mummycare.
I wonder why there are no stock of this milk?


Poor my baby.
She is lactose intolerent, she just can’t simply feeding of other formula milk.
The milk hunt still on, if I have to buy from outside Kuching, I will do it so…

Just can’t get enough…

Macam lagu Black Eye Peas “I just can’t get enough…”

Of what? Of these drugs!!!


How can I resist not to have those in my collection?

Buy 3 for the price of 2?

It was Ain who told me about this promotion at Popular Bookstore.

As a Sophie Kinsella’s fan, this is really a ticket for me to make a collection of her books.


I have read Twenties Girl but that was ย an e-book version.

And then I chose two of Madeleine Wickham’s book since I haven’t tried it yet.

Shh…. please don’t mention this to DearDear.

I just bought books from online.

I can say, I’m addict and worst at this!

I don’t want to end up questioning by him why buying so many book while I have boxes of unread books in lines.

One day, he saw my box of unread books and asked me where to put the box. “Want me help you to lift up the box?”

Me : “No.. no..”

DearDear : “Why? You still want to read those?”

I just nod my head and look straight away.

I lied to him… that was my ‘unread’ books. muhuhuhu.

Sorry DearDear, this is my weakness.

I buy books like some woman buy clothes.

I need a therapy. ;-p

Bunny Project

Another craft project was done when I was taking care of Amani last week.

Felt bunny

  1. ย Found an unused Amani’s handkerchief. At first I decided to throw it away but changed my mind when I saw the cute pattern of the bunny. So I kept it until that day I had an idea to make over the bunny.ย 
  2. I cut out the bunny pattern and removed the background.
  3. Match it with pink felt, cut out the felt according to the bunny pattern. Make it a pair.
  4. Sew along the edges, attach some cute ribbon on top of it.

Pink bunny


The new version of bunny!

How a parcel could made my day

The day when Amani was vomiting non-stop, I could feel my body was out of lives (just like in a game).

Luckily this parcel made my day.

Parcel minnie

What could it be inside the parcel?

I knew it was from Oster, my best friend in Miri.

She planned to distribute the used books donated to the library she worked with to the three of us (Me, Hilal & Ina : the book addicts) :-D.

At first we were given to choose by ourselves, in the end all of us wanted the Sidney Sheldon’s book. lol

To be fair, Oster chose for each of us.

Drugs n froggie

I’m so glad I have those books eventhough I’m pretty much sure I couldn’t get the Sidney Sheldon’s book. ahaha.

I got Mrs Perfect by Jane Porter & The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble.ย 

Plus a Froggy Hand Puppet! ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks Oster!!! You really really made my day~