A Long, Long Sleep

This is my June 2013 Drug

long long sleep

Title: A Long, Long Sleep

Author: Anna Sheehan

** A sleeping beauty story? Something like that. Yeah, I love fantasy genre. That’s why I grab this book at the book fair. My drug for a loong holiday.

Selamat Hari Gawai for those who celebrates. Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai!

Temptation #11: Penang Laksa


Had Penang Laksa for my breakfast. This portion cost only RM2. Can be found at the entrance of Kampung Haji Baki. My friend said it was made by West Malaysian people. No wonder it taste perfect!

And another for my breakfast…


Two types of Popiah. All of these cost only for RM2 as well. (4 pieces for RM1). I prefer the one with sweet gravvy. It’s crunchier than the dry one.


The root word is Berolah.
It’s from our dialect (Malay Sarawakian). What does it mean?
Look at Amani in the picture below and I bet you’ll get the answer.


It means ‘being naughty’. Yes, she is ‘berolah’ nowadays. I think she learned it from her school. I observed that her friends are mostly boys. Her teacher told me, she always teased the girls in her school. Oh my girl. πŸ˜›

DearDear said she inherits more from me. Really? I’m such a good girl before. Lol! (I bet not… :-P)

Popular Book Fair 2013

Another Popular book fair is being held in Kuching from 24th May until 3rd June 2013.
I’ve been twice time a day there. The first trip was with my office colleagues. The second trip, I brought along Amani and Yaya.


Overall, it dissapointed me. It have so limited choice and the price are still higher. Couldn’t really excited to buy rebate books indeed. Look at Amani… O have to monitor her arranging things on the floor. Sigh~


So here’s my catch for the day. Managed to grab only 4 novels, some fancy stationeries (my weakness), children books for Amani, Yaya and Adam.

I’m planningΒ  to make another trip before it ends next week. Hopefully there’ll be a new stock.Β 

Sewing project

During last weekend I have accomplished my first sewing project. What did I sew? Oh no. Please don’t laugh…


I sew the pillow cases. Just a simple pattern that I learned from my mother.

I never knew sewing can be so addictive. So I keep on finding my free time to sew. My next sewing lesson is to sew Amani’s dress. Hopefully it’ll work!


That day while sewed the pillow cases, I found that the pin cushion of my mom had been missing. So I made a new one for her. Ta-daa.. Looks like a brand new pin cushion! πŸ˜‰

Weekend in picture

Hello Monday!
How was your weekend?
My weekend was full with activities with my family.
On Saturday, after accompanying my dad for his ‘dressing’ day we went to Giant. Bring along my mom and Amani as well.


Challenging task! I was extremely exhausted I tell you. Feels like am having five kids. Muahaha.

Boy or Girl?

Amani is learning to talk now.

Sometimes it’s fun hearing her mumbles and babbling about nothing.

One day she was behaving badly like jumping here and there, just like a boy.

With a sigh, I asked her “Amani boy or girl?

And then she answered me “Boy yah…” (Boy lah)

Me : Faint! πŸ˜₯


Wearing her cousin’s kopiah…

When she’s doing any good things, we always praised her “Gooood girl!”

One day I tricked her to continue the phrase..

Me: “Amani, goood _______?”

Amani: “Goi…”

Me: Speechless and wondering : (Is she trying to say ‘boy’ but confusing with what she always heard me saying ‘good girl?’)


Performing solat…

Party Goodies

Last week there was a birthday party at Amani’s nursery. When I picked up her, she brought so many goodies.


When I opened the goodies, as usual there were sweets, snacks, chocolates… All of them I had hid in the refrigerator. Only give to her as a reward. I don’t want to encourage her to eat sweets, otherwise she will get a sugar rush. She’s had enough during my pregnancy. Lol!

That night she slept early. Partying hard, perhaps? πŸ˜‰

Drugging even more

Yesterday I was so excited to see there were two parcels waiting for me. One of them was from Shamini Flint. A copy of her new book. Yeay!


Another one was from Mamarazzi of Small Kucing. πŸ™‚


More drugs from a ‘drug addict’ as well. Hehe… Thanks so much dear! I really really love it. I always complained that the BBW never come to our town, and Kathy just made my day. Hehe..

Bubur Pedas Sarawak

If you’re Sarawakian… Or have been living or visitting here, you must know our famous local dish “Bubur Pedas”


This is Bumbu Bubur Pedas. Something like the ‘rempah’ to cook Bubur Pedas dish. This bumbu was made by my mom. Whenever she made this, I know fasting month is around the corner. Normally she would have requests from her return customer. Rezeki mak… πŸ™‚ If you are interested to buy this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Next time I’ll share the recipe of Bubur Pedas Sarawak.