Happy Mother’s Day 2013

Everyone knows today is a Mother’s Day.

I also don’t want to miss out wishing my mother a Happy Mother’s Day!

This year has been a tough year for mom.

Since my father admitted to the hospital, she was the back bone, his supporter and his hand and foot.


During my father first operation

I know it’s not easy to take care of a sick patient.

I’ve been taking care of Amani when she was sick, I thought that was one of a miserable day for me.

But look at my mom, she never complaints… She’s suffering a knee problem (I know how painful it is cuz I’m an athritis patient), but she is still strong enough to accompany my father to do the follow up check-ups, cooking, giving bath…. and even taking care of us.


Stayed at the hospital for about 2 months

If I have an award, I will give her a “Supermak” award for her.

She deserves the best! She’s my idol!

I love you mak… 

Happy Mother’s Day to Mak, and also to my mother in-law… and beautiful mommies out there. 😀


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