Boy or Girl?

Amani is learning to talk now.

Sometimes it’s fun hearing her mumbles and babbling about nothing.

One day she was behaving badly like jumping here and there, just like a boy.

With a sigh, I asked her “Amani boy or girl?

And then she answered me “Boy yah…” (Boy lah)

Me : Faint! 😥


Wearing her cousin’s kopiah…

When she’s doing any good things, we always praised her “Gooood girl!”

One day I tricked her to continue the phrase..

Me: “Amani, goood _______?”

Amani: “Goi…”

Me: Speechless and wondering : (Is she trying to say ‘boy’ but confusing with what she always heard me saying ‘good girl?’)


Performing solat…


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