Party Goodies

Last week there was a birthday party at Amani’s nursery. When I picked up her, she brought so many goodies.


When I opened the goodies, as usual there were sweets, snacks, chocolates… All of them I had hid in the refrigerator. Only give to her as a reward. I don’t want to encourage her to eat sweets, otherwise she will get a sugar rush. She’s had enough during my pregnancy. Lol!

That night she slept early. Partying hard, perhaps? 😉

Drugging even more

Yesterday I was so excited to see there were two parcels waiting for me. One of them was from Shamini Flint. A copy of her new book. Yeay!


Another one was from Mamarazzi of Small Kucing. 🙂


More drugs from a ‘drug addict’ as well. Hehe… Thanks so much dear! I really really love it. I always complained that the BBW never come to our town, and Kathy just made my day. Hehe..

Bubur Pedas Sarawak

If you’re Sarawakian… Or have been living or visitting here, you must know our famous local dish “Bubur Pedas”


This is Bumbu Bubur Pedas. Something like the ‘rempah’ to cook Bubur Pedas dish. This bumbu was made by my mom. Whenever she made this, I know fasting month is around the corner. Normally she would have requests from her return customer. Rezeki mak… 🙂 If you are interested to buy this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Next time I’ll share the recipe of Bubur Pedas Sarawak.

Temptation #10: Tutti Frutti


Tutti Frutti for iftar yesterday. yeay!

There’s new outlet for Tutti Frutti at City One, Kuching. The place is just near to my house. So I was ‘berpantun’ with DearDear to have iftar at that place yesterday. Glad he ‘balas’ my pantun. Hehe.

There you are. My tutti frutti, sprinkles with marshmellow love.. Gummy bears, chocolate chips, nata de coco, cornflakes… Yummy!

Only the gummy bears taste like frozen rubber. It’s hard to chew. Look at Amani’s face, she was trying to chew the gummy bear. Huhu.

Crafty mood

I’ve made another bottle craft.


This is simple to make. Took only five minutes to do it. I just stick on the cloth sticker and a ribbon. Simple isn’t it. Now you can make your own crafty bottle. 🙂

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Animated version

Who would you like to be if you were a cartoon character?  Ehehe… Weird question eh? No, if you are an anime fan. hehe.
Here’s mine…


I want to be Tenma Chan or Rukia Chan… Both have different personalities. That’s me. The first impression when you meet me, you must be thinking that I am a serious person.. untalkative, but when you get to know me well enough…. plink plink! I can make you laugh the whole day. (based on people’s opinion towards me lah).

Now, who would Amani be in cartoon world?


It’s Chibi Maruko Chan. ahaha… Judge for yourself the character of Maruko Chan. Very very Amani. muhuhu…