Sing You Home

June V 2013 Drug : Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult


My colleague Amy recommended this book to read. I only read one book from Jodi Picoult which is My Sister’s Keeper. So I’ve been halfway reading this book and I’m stuck with it. I have to agree with Amy, that this is a good book to read. There are untold stories from people we may not aware of their presence in this world.

Temptation #15: Pandan Chicken Rice

Yesterday I had a lunch at Hanii’s Bistro with my office colleagues.
It was kind of tradition for us, whenever after pay day, we must had a gathering and eat outside.
So yeterday we chose Indonesian cuisine at Hanii’s Bistro.


And this is what I had for lunch. Pandan Chicken Rice (RM8.50) and Teh Tarik Sejuk (RM2.50). It is not the first time for me having meals here but I’ve never tried the Pandan Chicken Rice before. The specialty is the chicken, wrapped in pandan leaves. The fried tempe taste so soft and the sambal… it does taste good. (If you know me, you can judge the level of spiceness of this sambal.If I can eat it, it means it doesn’t taste so hot. šŸ˜› )
The Teh Tarik Sejuk really really suits my throat. haha.

Overall… I’ll 4 stars out of 5 for the menu, the friendly staffs and for the place. Cozy place for family gathering.

Kakak & Dedek

Do you own a doll when you were kid? I remember, two Barbies that I own before. One was the blonde Barbie that we bought at Kuching Plaza. My sister had the similar one for herself. Barbie was a great toy invention back at that time.

On my 10th birthday, my dad bought me a nurse Barbie. It was my favourite doll so far. It has complete set of nursing wear, watch, brush, earing and medical briefcase. I hope to keep the doll until I’m old, unfortunately it had been ‘destroyed’ by my brother. The arm had been broken into three pieces. šŸ˜„


Now it’s Amani’s turn to explore the experience of having the dolls. She likes to take care of her dolls as her friends. I saw her put the doll into sleep, singing together and when she was drinking, she tried to fed some to her doll. Which I found so sweet of her. She named the two of them Kakak and Dedek. I’m planning to give her Barbie’s set of house when she is a bit older. Actually it was my ‘never granted’ birthday wish when I was a kid before. Hehe…

Yaya’s Favourite

Normally we thought children would only loves junk food, fast food… etc. But sometimes we might thought it wrong.

During last school holiday, I discovered that children also loves what adults love to eat. That was when I brought along my niece Yaya for makan-makan outside.

Everytime we ordered the food, I would asked her what she would like to have. And she ordered these…


1) Maccaroni Cheese
2) Sarawak Laksa (provided it is not to spicy).

And here’sĀ  Yaya’s most favourite food:


Sushi! She loves sushi very much. She even loves to play sushi games in the ipad. Speaking of sushi, I’ve been thinking of making it when I have free time. I used to love making sushi and now had to motivate myself to spend more times in the kitchen. (plus how to handle clingy todler while baking/cooking).

Temptation #14: Karipap Cinta

Jangkak I rajin Part II…

Yesterday I was determined to bake some karipap (curry puffs), copied the recipe from my sister.
The recipe has been the permanent resident in my handbag for quite a long time. Muhuhu…
So.. The “Jangkak I Rajin” mode came in yesterday.
It was my first attempt and I’m quite satisfied with my achievement!


Looks doesn’t count. Ahaha. The important thing is the filling. I swap two spoons of curry with Maggie Curry Seasoning. It tastes less spicy. (Am a ‘lidah ma’am’)

Size 12 is Not Fat


This is my June IV 2013 Drug. Size 12 is not fat from Meg Cabot. It’s an ebook version.

Never in my mind, that I had an intention to read this book in the first place.I know it’s a teen’s book. However, after read through it… I found that it’s funny and there’s a mysterious murder case in the story…


Presenting Amani’s mural on our bed.


Whenever she found a sticker, she would paste it here. It’s like her art board. I just let it be. By looking at the mural, it sometimes can bring me smile. šŸ™‚

Rosses are green

Honestly, I’m pretty lame in making paper rose. I’ve tried so many times. In the end, it would end up to be like a crumple of paper. Sigh~


I learned making paper rose from the picture above. The first attempt was quite horrible. And then one fine afternoon, while killing the boredom in the office I practised my skill.


Tadaa… Less horrible. I was still not satisfied with the result. I keep on practising until I come out with these result :-


What do you think? I’m impressed with myself. Practice makes perfect, right? I must confess, this is the hardest paper flower I’ve made so far. I’m proud to beat my own challenge!