Numbers oh numbers. What are numbers for you?

I’m so proud that Amani is now can count one until ten!

But she always skip the number ‘6’ and eager to finish shouting the number ‘TEN’!

For a toddler at her age (20 months), it’s a great progress! However, she only remembered the numbers and didn’t recognised the word.

Therefore I made her a fun learning material kit. Something like ABM (Alat Bantuan Mengajar).

The idea came into my mind when I collected the used Harwany bottles.

Luckily my mother didn’t throw away the bottle caps.

She gave them to Amani, since my daughter loves to play weird toys (instead of real toys. The explorer… hehe)

While looking at her arranging the bottle caps, I thought it could be wasted since she was arranging the plain and dull bottle caps.

And then the idea’s knocking my mind. Why don’t I make the bottle caps more interesting and at the some time she can learn something from it.

For the beginning, I printed each of 10 numbers on the manila card. Picked on the Yellow colour (bright colour caught children’s attention).

Attached them inside the surface of the bottle caps.

Ops, I’m lack of one bottle cap. Never mind, more caps are coming.

Here it goes. Yesterday had done the tutorial for her.

She seems enjoying counting numbers now!


p/s: Next project : The ABC alphabeticals and Alif Ba Ta (for learning Qur’an).


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