Temptation #12: Serunding Halia

Ever heard of Serunding Halia? (Ginger Floss).


It’s used to be a menu for confinement mother. Hehe. Now it has been commercialised. People sell it for RM5 each.

I thought this Serunding Halia can be found in other area. My friends in West Malaysia said they never heard of it. Even my friend in Miri also never saw it had been selling at their place. My sister in law said she found this in Sibu, anf they sell it for RM7 each!

Well, luckily I’m in Kuching. It seems that this can be found anywhere. As for this one, I bought it from Amani’s teacher. I like having it with hot plain rice. Sometimes I just ate it just like that. πŸ˜‰


13 thoughts on “Temptation #12: Serunding Halia

    • Am not a fan of ginger as well. But this type of floss taste a bit salty and hot. I prefer this one made by my daughter’s teacher. If you want to taste it, I can post it to you. πŸ™‚

    • Oh no, oh no…thanks so much for the offer. I eat halia…I will feel sick. Too heaty fo me. Missus used to use a lot in her cooking, had to tell her to reduce.

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