The Hunger Games


June III 2013 Drug : The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
Yea yeah.. I know know. I just started reading this book while everyone had been talking about this book and watched the movie. This is another gamble for me. Reading a sci-fi genre, I’m afraid I will stuck forever at one page only. Just like what had happened to A Long, Long Sleep and Dean Koontz’s book. Hopefully I will pass this time. Good luck for me?


5 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. juewaa… kmk dah hanyut dlm character wendys…. uwuwuwu sik saba kmk blt kch tok nak meli torn n ascend… and watersongs… really good reading material recommended by u… so in love with the characters… Finn Holmes?? encem!~ ahaha

    • best kan… hehehe.. glad you like them. Mun ktk dah start maca torn lak, ada watak baru gik yg kompom ktk akan suka. hehe… gi debook room, ada jual murah buku…

    • debook? online ka? loki ka watak baru? vittra prince? nyesal kmk sik meli trilogy ya sekali gus ria… uhuhu frust2 tp xpa, ada student card pat dikaun juak ehehe sampe mimpi2 kmk ttg crita ya… x nyaman nyawa kmk rtok… mala jak pike crita ya, nengok crita korea pun dah rasa mcm x best… ahaha

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