Jangkak I Rajin

‘Jangkak’ in definition means ‘Once in a blue moon’.
Jangkak I rajin, I’m occupied in the kitchen. Lol.
I wake up at 4 am, and start baking Kek Batik (Batik Cake).It was my first attempt. I’ll update on this post tommorow.


“Dear cake, please don’t dissapoint me… ”
I finished baking at 5am. Wondering that I had not much time left before going to work, so I started preparing ‘bekal’ (lunch box) for me and Amani.


Just a simple one. Fried nuggets and simple fried rice. This is my youngest brother’s favourite. Simple.


6am, our bento boxes are ready to be packed. Amani was proposed by her teacher to bring her own bento box because, she always ate her friend’s food (sampai habis). Sigh~

This thing happens once in a blue moon. Well, as I said. Jangkak I rajin… Lol.


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