Rosses are green

Honestly, I’m pretty lame in making paper rose. I’ve tried so many times. In the end, it would end up to be like a crumple of paper. Sigh~


I learned making paper rose from the picture above. The first attempt was quite horrible. And then one fine afternoon, while killing the boredom in the office I practised my skill.


Tadaa… Less horrible. I was still not satisfied with the result. I keep on practising until I come out with these result :-


What do you think? I’m impressed with myself. Practice makes perfect, right? I must confess, this is the hardest paper flower I’ve made so far. I’m proud to beat my own challenge!


8 thoughts on “Rosses are green

  1. haha.. Linda pun pernah try buat paper rose dari yg japan style sampailah yg jenis macam kat atas ni. memang susah. Last-last give up. Huhu.. Lebih suka buat Daisy sebab lagi mudah. Try tengok kat web, kat sana banyak idea paper flower boleh try..

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