Kakak & Dedek

Do you own a doll when you were kid? I remember, two Barbies that I own before. One was the blonde Barbie that we bought at Kuching Plaza. My sister had the similar one for herself. Barbie was a great toy invention back at that time.

On my 10th birthday, my dad bought me a nurse Barbie. It was my favourite doll so far. It has complete set of nursing wear, watch, brush, earing and medical briefcase. I hope to keep the doll until I’m old, unfortunately it had been ‘destroyed’ by my brother. The arm had been broken into three pieces. 😥


Now it’s Amani’s turn to explore the experience of having the dolls. She likes to take care of her dolls as her friends. I saw her put the doll into sleep, singing together and when she was drinking, she tried to fed some to her doll. Which I found so sweet of her. She named the two of them Kakak and Dedek. I’m planning to give her Barbie’s set of house when she is a bit older. Actually it was my ‘never granted’ birthday wish when I was a kid before. Hehe…

8 thoughts on “Kakak & Dedek

  1. yup me too…Barbie also my fav toys, i have one which i hardly crying for it… luckily my mother bought me one… and she made a set of kebaya batik for her… how i wish i’ve barbie’s house set and together with collection of various fashion style… ehehe memang la dolok ne da kemampuan ehehe kinek dah mampu tp xkan la nak main nak… ahaha

    • Yalah.. dah ada anak tok dapat la kamek main sama. hehe… mcm kakak kamek, nya lok ingin nak playdoh set ya. beli nya k anak2 nya. nya empun main sama. hehehe

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