Temptation #15: Pandan Chicken Rice

Yesterday I had a lunch at Hanii’s Bistro with my office colleagues.
It was kind of tradition for us, whenever after pay day, we must had a gathering and eat outside.
So yeterday we chose Indonesian cuisine at Hanii’s Bistro.


And this is what I had for lunch. Pandan Chicken Rice (RM8.50) and Teh Tarik Sejuk (RM2.50). It is not the first time for me having meals here but I’ve never tried the Pandan Chicken Rice before. The specialty is the chicken, wrapped in pandan leaves. The fried tempe taste so soft and the sambal… it does taste good. (If you know me, you can judge the level of spiceness of this sambal.If I can eat it, it means it doesn’t taste so hot. 😛 )
The Teh Tarik Sejuk really really suits my throat. haha.

Overall… I’ll 4 stars out of 5 for the menu, the friendly staffs and for the place. Cozy place for family gathering.

4 thoughts on “Temptation #15: Pandan Chicken Rice

  1. Hani’s now serves Indon food? Have not been there for years and years… Used to go there for the haricot oxtail – so very nice…the chef originally from the old Aurora Hotel (now Merdeka Palace) coffee house.

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