Rosses are green

Honestly, I’m pretty lame in making paper rose. I’ve tried so many times. In the end, it would end up to be like a crumple of paper. Sigh~


I learned making paper rose from the picture above. The first attempt was quite horrible. And then one fine afternoon, while killing the boredom in the office I practised my skill.


Tadaa… Less horrible. I was still not satisfied with the result. I keep on practising until I come out with these result :-


What do you think? I’m impressed with myself. Practice makes perfect, right? I must confess, this is the hardest paper flower I’ve made so far. I’m proud to beat my own challenge!

Temptation #13: Kek Batik

I bet everybody knows about Kek Batik (Batik Cake).

And even can bake it because it’s the simplest cake ever. As my friend told me, it’s a bodo-bodo cake.

Honestly, I didn’t know how to bake the cake. I like Kek Batik, but never intended to make one for myself.

It was my mom insisted to bake the Kek Batik, since there are leftovers of Marie Biscuits and one tin of Milo.

I told mom, I don’t know how to bake it. She asked me to flipped through her recipe book.

Well I didn’t. I asked my sister (she was pro in baking.. ahaha), unfortunately she was still busy.

So I asked my friends in the office. Everyone claimed that it was an eaasy peaaasy cake.

Given a choice whether to bake a cake or baking biscuits, I’d rather choose biscuits.

Baking cakes is really not my field. I’m lame in this part.

Luckily my friend Freda, taught me the recipe.

Back on the story of yesterday, I baked the cake at 4am. (Baked in the freezer, LOL)

After coming from work, I sneaked peeked at my cake.


Looks nice…. There are Batik textures…

But then, don’t judge a book by it cover.

When I tried to bite a bit, oh no… it’s too sweet.


DearDear said, he can still taste the crunchiest of Milo inside.

I remember I didn’t wait long while stirred the Milo and butter, and I add in too much sugar and milk.

Overall, the result’s still FAILED!

Baking is just not suitable to my hand. 😦

Jangkak I Rajin

‘Jangkak’ in definition means ‘Once in a blue moon’.
Jangkak I rajin, I’m occupied in the kitchen. Lol.
I wake up at 4 am, and start baking Kek Batik (Batik Cake).It was my first attempt. I’ll update on this post tommorow.


“Dear cake, please don’t dissapoint me… ”
I finished baking at 5am. Wondering that I had not much time left before going to work, so I started preparing ‘bekal’ (lunch box) for me and Amani.


Just a simple one. Fried nuggets and simple fried rice. This is my youngest brother’s favourite. Simple.


6am, our bento boxes are ready to be packed. Amani was proposed by her teacher to bring her own bento box because, she always ate her friend’s food (sampai habis). Sigh~

This thing happens once in a blue moon. Well, as I said. Jangkak I rajin… Lol.

Cupcake+Doughnut Pincushion

For a crafter, needle pin is one of our best friend. I have lots of them. I keep it in a recycle container. It look so dull. That’s why I decorate it to become a pin cushion.


I call it Cupcake Pin Cushion. But my sister told me it looks more like a doughnut. Hehe. Ok. Let me name it Cupcake+Doughnut Pin Cushion. 😀