Amani’s Parcel

Yesterday I was surprised to see there was a parcel for Amani. Wow! At this early age pun dah ada parcel? Hehe.


Ada sticker Yaya.. Amani saw the sticker and said “Boboi” Hehe. It was a character from Boboi Boy.

So we opened the parcel. She was so eager to know what’s inside the box. Ta-da!


A music box (radio katak as I name it), keychain, colouring books and colour pensils. Who is the sender? It was from Aunty Edzy from Bintulu. Mwah mwah. Thanks Aunty Edzy, I really love the gifts! (especially the Radio Katak, her favourite button is the Frog button).

**Thanks Cimeng… xoxo


8 thoughts on “Amani’s Parcel

  1. Sama sama bebeh…hehe…makaseh ko ngn amani suka…x nabes bukak tek, ya idea uncle is nya sbb xdapat mujuk nya mlm ya :)…miss bebeh ngn amani..mwah3…

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