Ramadhan 1434H

Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah we meet again. There’s no other month so special than Ramadhan.
Happy fasting to you outhere.
Well I’m sure you guys has started looking for the place to have iftar today.
So here I’d like to suggest you one place with a great promotion.


Ramadhan Buffet, RM15 per person. Located at Kampung Bintangor, try looking for Res-2-aL-Falaq.

We haven’t tried the Ramadhan Buffet, but planning to have it maybe this weekend. 


However, we have tried the menus here. So many choices… The most important thing is, the price is very convenient. My favourite here is Teh Tarik Peng and Butter Chicken Rice. Didn’t got a chance to snap the pictures because the moment I saw the food being served, I totally forgot about taking pictures. Lol!


10 thoughts on “Ramadhan 1434H

  1. So cheap!!!! But don’t think I will go – not able to eat much these days…so buffets are out of the question. Sobsssss!!!!!! Used to love buffets so much.

    • Yes it is. My husband loves buffets so much cuz he can top up as much as he wants. I’m not really into buffets cuz in the end I would end up like a ‘ular sawa’. wahahaa

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