Iftar Ramadhan 1/1434H

What are you having for iftar yesterday?
At first I decided to go to the Ramadhan Baazar, but DearDear told me the place was jammed and packed with full of people. Muhuhu.
Never mind, still have plenty of times. So we just having homemade iftar.


We had popiahs, Fried Eggs and Sayur Lemak Pucuk Bandung. Not forgetting an extra Ice-Cream for Amani. 😉

It is true that home made cook is much more delicious than outside food.

4 thoughts on “Iftar Ramadhan 1/1434H

  1. Selamat berpuasa… Don’t think I’ll go to the Ramadhan stalls – have not been for a number of years now. Same things…and sooooo manystalls everywhere – everybody would come out and set up a stall, never mind can cook or not. Some of the things I bought before were really not nice…

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