Iftar Ramadhan 6&7/1434H

Been so busy lately. Nak update blog pun agak lambat… Always feeling left behind. muhu..

Our menus for Iftar the 6th Ramadhan


Simple. Sarawak Laksa and Sardine Sandwich. Those menus were requested by my youngest brother Edos. Orang baruk balit dari Melaya tek… Look at Amani, she is now knows how to recite Doa Makan.

There is another menu requested by my brother. Spaghetti… So we made it as our iftar menu on the 7th day of Ramadhan.


Plus another side dish was the fried veggie popiahs (my father’s favourite) and for the dessert, we picked our own Kuini from the Kuini’s tree in front of our house. It taste so sweet.

I’m so proud that so far we still can keep our menus as simple as possible. The best part is, everything is home made… 😉