Temptation #18: Famous Amous Cookies

Since the beginning of puasa I already heard people talking about their cravings. It’s normal for us because we will be fasting for a month, the temptation to crave for nice food is always haunting our mind. Lol!

However, it is weird for me because I didn’t have any craving for about one week of fasting. If you know me well, then you would find it’s weird. haha.

Not until yesterday, I am craving for Famous Amous Cookies. I siap imagine the crunchy nuts in the cookies. Oh… Kebetulan my friend Tikah said she wanted to go to the airport. So I pesan her to buy one packet for me. hihi


So this is what I had for iftar ramadhan 8/1434H yesterday. So indulging. muahaha… Thanks Tikah!!


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