Parents outhere, please read this article.


Dear mommies..

Here is the article regarding vaccination by Dr Zahilah Filzah, a pediatrician of Sg Buloh Hospital as promised. I hope you’ll take time to read this article. She wrote a very precise, nice article about vaccination and I really hope we can convey this message to all mommies out there. If you have any question, please write on the comment section. Dr Zahilah or me myself will try to answer your question. I know some people are very ‘hardcore’ and can be emotional about this vaccination issue. Please don’t bang each other. We are adult and all of us has our own opinion. Don’t judge others who does or doesn’t want to give their child vaccination. We as medical providers, our job is to educate the public based on our knowledge as a doctor and Muslims.

Enjoy. And think!!


Dear BarelySupermommy readers,

      I reckon…

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Iftar Ramadhan 1/1434H

What are you having for iftar yesterday?
At first I decided to go to the Ramadhan Baazar, but DearDear told me the place was jammed and packed with full of people. Muhuhu.
Never mind, still have plenty of times. So we just having homemade iftar.


We had popiahs, Fried Eggs and Sayur Lemak Pucuk Bandung. Not forgetting an extra Ice-Cream for Amani. 😉

It is true that home made cook is much more delicious than outside food.

Ramadhan 1434H

Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah we meet again. There’s no other month so special than Ramadhan.
Happy fasting to you outhere.
Well I’m sure you guys has started looking for the place to have iftar today.
So here I’d like to suggest you one place with a great promotion.


Ramadhan Buffet, RM15 per person. Located at Kampung Bintangor, try looking for Res-2-aL-Falaq.

We haven’t tried the Ramadhan Buffet, but planning to have it maybe this weekend. 


However, we have tried the menus here. So many choices… The most important thing is, the price is very convenient. My favourite here is Teh Tarik Peng and Butter Chicken Rice. Didn’t got a chance to snap the pictures because the moment I saw the food being served, I totally forgot about taking pictures. Lol!

Virus infection

Since the hazy days last month, I had a sore throat and it continues with flu and coughing. It’s a package! When I feel like I had recovered, I simply ignore it. But when I saw my throat, there was something like ulcers on it. It isn’t painful. Worried about it might getting worse, I went to see a doctor last night.

The doctor examined my throat and said it wasn’t ulcer. It was more likely a virus. Furthermore,I am not fully recovered indeed. He said I talked like my voice is in my nose. Ahaha…

I guess it must be coming from the hazy air. Huu..


While waiting for my turn to see the doctor, Amani was getting bored. Luckily I brought along her colouring book and colour pencils. This activity could distracted her for awhile. And not long after that there was a girl wanted to join her colouring the book. It was so funny to watched them both talking. Amani with her own language, the girl with her chinese language. And they understand each other. Lol!

Glad Amani can make friend easily… 😀

Mission: The Lone Ranger

What I missed the most after confinemant is going to the cinema. After gave birth, I had stop watching movie at  the cinema. But deep inside me, I’m longing to go since it was my favourite activity before. Hehe.
So after doing some negotiation with my mom, finally I’ve got the green light!


Luckily Amani also can tolerate with her Mama and Abah that night. She slept very well and didn’t woke up. Me and DearDear sneaked out and chose the second last show for that night. After all, the cinema took only 2 minutes to arrive from our home. Haha.


We watched The Lone Ranger. And if it does not because of Johnny Depp, I wouldn’t came out with the idea.(sneaking out in the middle of the night, just like a grounded teenager. Lol).

Anyway, thanks to Oster (my best friend) for bring up the idea in the first place. Terubat sikit hati… But DearDear warned me “Jangan buat selalu…”

The addiction

The addiction seems have no ending. I bought another books from online.


Both of them were on my wishlist. While I unwrapped the package that day, DearDear peering behind me.”New books?” he asked. I said Yes. And then he started to nag me about my addiction. About my other ‘unread’ books, about no place to keep the books… T.T

How I wish I have my own bookshelf so that I can display the book neatly. How I wish people would understand the desire to buy and hold books  just like me..

How I wish…. my wish will be granted. O:-)

Temptation #16: Nasik Love

Lol. That’s not the real name though. The real name is Butter Chicken Rice.


This is what we had for lunch yesterday. It’s the best Butter Chicken Rice so far in Kuching. This portion cost RM6.50, and you can find it at the Tun Jugah Food Court. Am feeling satisfied after eating this, for ‘bekalan’ during the fasting month next month. Muahaha…

Amani’s Parcel

Yesterday I was surprised to see there was a parcel for Amani. Wow! At this early age pun dah ada parcel? Hehe.


Ada sticker Yaya.. Amani saw the sticker and said “Boboi” Hehe. It was a character from Boboi Boy.

So we opened the parcel. She was so eager to know what’s inside the box. Ta-da!


A music box (radio katak as I name it), keychain, colouring books and colour pensils. Who is the sender? It was from Aunty Edzy from Bintulu. Mwah mwah. Thanks Aunty Edzy, I really love the gifts! (especially the Radio Katak, her favourite button is the Frog button).

**Thanks Cimeng… xoxo