Craft: Sewing Lace

Another backdated story. Hopefully still not basi.. huhu.
Previously I had posted on the sample picture of our baju kurung for ‘baju contoh‘, to be given to the tailor.
Well here’s the outcome.


Quite dissapointed with the result. Can you see the waistline?
And it was too fit at her arms. My mom altered the arms’ area.
I bought blue lace to patch on the waistline.
Managed to finish sewed it the day before raya. (Including my own baju)
Here’s the picture:


Nice isn’t it? Hehe. Now I have one baju to sew the lace on it. Requested by my friend. It’s my passion… my favourite things to do. Hehe.

Craft: Froggy

Remember the felt froggy I had posted months ago?


Haha. Some of you might recognised them. The yellow froggy belongs to Smallkucing, The green one belongs to Ina, Purple for Oster and Pink for Janet.

Many were asking me how did I punched the hole for the keychain ring.

Ok, let me share you how to make it.

First of all, you need to have these two tools.

eyelet punch

1. One Hole Punch

2. Eyelet punch (to make it tight)

Here’s the steps to do it.

tuto hole

(Direction to read the picture : Top to bottom, left to right)

1. Punch one hole on the selected area.

2.  Take one eyelet.

3. Place it on the hole.

4. Make sure the eyelet punch in a correct position (as in the picture).

5. Punch and make sure it tight.

6. You’re done! 😀

** Request and order for this felt froggy are open. Contact me if interested. 🙂

Temptation #24: Dadih Jagung

Last Friday, Amani’s nursery had a ramah tamah Aidilfitri
Every parents were encouraged to supply food for the ocassion.


Since receiving the memo, I started to think what I would prepare for them?
I thought of cupcakes but I couldn’t think of any shop that would sell cupcakes in a big qantities without reservation. At last, I made ‘Dadih Jagung’ for them.


Indeed I’m not a fan of corn flavour. Tried to think like a kid. Kids prefer sweet food. So.. there you go. 60 cups of Dadih Jagung for kids.
** Very happy to see the teacher return my empty contenna. Hihi. x)

Temptation #23: Mini Chocolate Cheese Tart

During raya, people would ask me “Banyak buat kuih?” 

Ok, here let me answer it generally.

Cake? Please don’t mention it to me. I’m no good in baking cakes. Honestly!

Biscuits? Yes. I prefer baking biscuits…. preferably the simple one. Muahahaha….

This year I only bake two types of biscuits. One of them is:

Mini Chocolate Cheese Tart

choc cheese

Don’t ask me how to make the shell tarts. I just bought ready made shells from someone in facebook.  LOL. (Nama pun lazy blogger, baking pun lazy. Aiyoo….. )

I can only sharing with you how to make the filling.


250g Cream cheese (I’m using Philadelphia)

25g butter

1 cup Icing sugar

1 bar Cooking chocolate (double boiling)


1. Blend the cream cheese and butter until it looks creamy…. add in sugar, continue blend it until well mixed. 

2. Put some chocolate filling into the baked pastry shells

3. Top  it with the cheese filling

4. Place some chocolate filling onto it and swirl it into a marbling effect,or you can make pattern that you like (my failed attempt. 😦 )

5. Bake at 200 C for 10-12 minutes

Easy right? Kids love to have this biscuit. I prefer the non-baked one. But since it is to be served for raya celebration, baked should be necessary.


Behind the scenes :


Ooops…. everyone is not perfect. hehe.

While baking this, I was concentrating on sewing lace on Amani’s dress. huhu…..

Raya Potluck

Who doesn’t like a potluck.
It’s my favourite activity.
Last Wednesday, my office had a Raya Potluck. I brought Kek Lapis, Chocolate Cheese Tart, Makmur Biscuits and Nuts.
Some others also brought mostly Kek Lapis…


Meriah! Hehe… Guess what, by the evening the food were all ‘lengis’. Betapa ‘mongan’ nya my office colleagues. Lol!


My beloved geng makan. muhuhu… Gaining weight!

Catching Fire

It’s been awhile… my reading progress is getting worse!
Since my reading challenge is 50 books for this year, I am now lack of 20 books. Can I read 20 books for these coming 4 months?

It’s August now and my August 2013 drug is :


Catching Fire by Suzane Collins. It’s a second book of the Hunger Games. I’m attached to this series.This is my ebook version. Hope to buy the real book one day for my collection. Is there anyone wants to sell pre-loved books to me? 😉

Need to speed up my reading progress, crafting progress… housechore progress… everything lah. Aiyoo…

Abah and Amani

Last night we went to the Queen’s. The new hypermarket located at the City One.
At first I thought it was a matress shop.Ahaha. My brother told me it’s own by Ngiu Kee but they had change the name into Queen’s.
So we went there last night.


The price was quite OK. Not too expensive. The place also quite neat and wide. Look at Amani and Abah doing their shopping. It our favourite activities together… 😛


Oh no..

Look at the disaster made by this monster!


She can be so innocent….

She can turn out to be monster and making mess like this. (-_-)’

And in the end making me changing colour into green monster as well.

Arghhh…. she just ruined my lazy Sunday.

Who is she?

She is my daughter, Amani… my angel in disguised. ;-p

Book Junkie Jr.

One day, while me and Amani had a laaazy weekend together… I just let her played with her toys.

At first I saw she was playing with ‘kakak’ her doll.

Resting time for me. I grab my ‘drug’ and enjoying it.

Not long after that, I heard she was silent. A bit weird because she usually babbling while playing… or kacau-kacau me reading.

Then I take a look at her, I was surprised that she was ‘reading’ too!


She took her favourite book so far which I bought last month. I always read it to her.


Flip flip flip through the pages…


The end.

Hopefully she’ll continue to love books.

I can imagine one day me and Amani will spend time at the bookstores and sharing books together…. 😀