Temptation #21: Patlau

Still in Raya mode.
Talking about fatty fatty food are still in season. Lol.
Among Lemang, Ketupat, Nasi himpit and Kelupis…. My favourite was none of it. I would choose Patlau. Some people might called it Ketupat Lau.


I’m not sure where’s the origin of this food as not many people aware of it. However, Patlau is very famous in Sibu. And some people found it in Beladin as well. So far, I never found it in Kuching yet.

This special Patlau was requested by me from my aunt in Sibu. It’s her specialties in making Patlau. It reminds me of those times when I was still kid, our family would gathered together in Sibu during raya celebration. I was the one who always escaped from the kitchen while my sister and my cousins helping my aunt wrapping patlau into banana leaves. Now look what happen to me. Tempting to eat this and had to order it from my aunt. Last time tak nak belajar buat…. serve me right! Lol!


4 thoughts on “Temptation #21: Patlau

  1. This patlau sounds like banh tet that I made minus the meat. If same like lemang thrn senang je. Just soaknpilut overnite the soak some more wiyh santan. Wrap and boil.

  2. I was blogging hopping today and thought I would check out yours! Glad I did! I really like your place, here! Neat stuff! I believe we have a blogging friend in common, Suituapui…he’s cool!

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