Temptation #22 : Bubur Pedas Sarawak

I should have upload this entry during fasting season, because Bubur Pedas is really famous within fasting month.

In our family, Bubur Pedas has no season. It has become our daily dish.

As I promised long long time ago, here I’m sharing the recipe of making the dish.

Bubur Pedas Sarawak 


bubur pedas

Bumbu Bubur Pedas (Homemade RM2.50 each)

1 pkt of bumbu bubur pedas (mixed with water)
100 gm chicken / meat / shrimp (chopped finely)
2 – 3 long beans / midin / cabbage (chopped finely)
6 young corn
2 pieces of foocuk (break into small pieces)
4 – 6 pieces of Chinese mushrooms
6 leaves of Singkel – sliced very fine.(If you cannot get this you can omit it)
6 tumeric leaves (sliced finely)
6 dried chillies (pound finely)
3 small onions. (Pound finely)
3 garlic pips (Pound finely)
a small bundle of rice vermicelli (soaked in water)

bubur pedas1

Shrimps, Midins, Long Beans, Young corns, Singkel

2 tablespoons cooking oil for frying the aromatics.

4 cups of coconut milk
Salt to taste
Some extra water if the porridge becomes too thick.


bubo pedas2

Fry onions. Bumbu mixed with water (put aside)

bubur pedas 2

Add in all the veggies, leaves and the bumbu already mixed with water

bubur pedas3

Add in coconut milk, other ingredients, stirl well

1. Fry onion, garlic, chillies
2. Add in either shrimp, chicken or beef and cook until tender.
3. Add in the bumbu already mixed with water.
4. Let simmer and add all the ingredients and vegetables. Add in other ingredients.
5. Add in coconut milk and simmer about 10 minutes while stirring slowly.
6. Taste and adjust the lift.

p/s: My mom is selling the bumbu, can get it from me with only RM2.50 per pack.


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