Temptation #23: Mini Chocolate Cheese Tart

During raya, people would ask me “Banyak buat kuih?” 

Ok, here let me answer it generally.

Cake? Please don’t mention it to me. I’m no good in baking cakes. Honestly!

Biscuits? Yes. I prefer baking biscuits…. preferably the simple one. Muahahaha….

This year I only bake two types of biscuits. One of them is:

Mini Chocolate Cheese Tart

choc cheese

Don’t ask me how to make the shell tarts. I just bought ready made shells from someone in facebook.  LOL. (Nama pun lazy blogger, baking pun lazy. Aiyoo….. )

I can only sharing with you how to make the filling.


250g Cream cheese (I’m using Philadelphia)

25g butter

1 cup Icing sugar

1 bar Cooking chocolate (double boiling)


1. Blend the cream cheese and butter until it looks creamy…. add in sugar, continue blend it until well mixed. 

2. Put some chocolate filling into the baked pastry shells

3. Top  it with the cheese filling

4. Place some chocolate filling onto it and swirl it into a marbling effect,or you can make pattern that you like (my failed attempt. 😦 )

5. Bake at 200 C for 10-12 minutes

Easy right? Kids love to have this biscuit. I prefer the non-baked one. But since it is to be served for raya celebration, baked should be necessary.


Behind the scenes :


Ooops…. everyone is not perfect. hehe.

While baking this, I was concentrating on sewing lace on Amani’s dress. huhu…..

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