Favour in need : Anemones

I have assignment for decorating dowries which is due on December.
The theme, the concept had been agreed and now it leaves me with the next mission. I think this one is tough…

Mission: To find artificial white Anemones.


White anemones, picture from Pinterest

This flower is very rare used in our country. Just like last time, when I want to use Hydrangea for my wedding. Now, hydrangeas are everywhere.

As for Anemones, I never found it in my town so far. So I need your favour (anyone with big heart), if you find white anemones in your area, do let me know…

The reason I choose this flower is because it suits to the theme that my customer wants. If I cannot find the flower, I have to swtch to the basic – roses… muhuu..

Boboi the cat


Meet Boboi, the youngest cat in my ‘cat family’.
He’s the only third generation that survived. If you knew my first cat, the late Shemisz… this is her grandson. I miss Shemisz. 😦

This morning, Boboi discovered a new technique to climb in a flower pot. Unfortunately, he forgot the technique how to climb off the pot. Sigh~ Luckily he’s small, I just grab his collar and put him down. muhuhu…

Treasure found : Part II

Look what I found while ‘trashing’, clearing the junks at the horrible section. Yeah, still haven’t finish clearing that section. I wonder when will it end. Sigh~


Teng tedeng!! It’s a vintage makeup case! Used to be own by my aunty, and then she gave it to my mother. I remember mom would stored all her beauty tools inside the case. And then she gave it to my brother, for stuffing his toys. (???).

Now… it’s mine!! Yeah!! I’m sure they wouldn’t want to keep the old stuff anymore, but I’m a vintage fan. I will do some touch up for this case and turn it to be like a brand new. You’ll see the result soon… 😀
Ah.. so excited.

Guessing Song

I think I should give awards to mr. Postmans because I always keep the postmans busy. Almost everyday they drop by my house to deliver the mails. Hehe. I love getting posts.


Yesterday I went to the Poslaju office to collect the parcel from Sibu. I knew it was from Suituapui because I had won the guessing song contest from his blog. Read on the clues that’d been given, looks like he stressed on the word ‘Queen’. So I made a guess, it’s a Dancing Queen song. Muahaha.


So that’s how I won the game. Hehe. Anyway, thanks Mr. Arthur for the lovely gift. If you have anymore guessing game, don’t forget to tell me. Ahaha.

Finally it’s here…

The hoop for Popin Craft Project has arrived yesterday. Saw the parcel from Singapore on the table and it made me so excited to open it.


Enclosed within the parcel is the 8 inch hoop and the guidelines for the project. Yes, I accidently tore the top of the letter. Huhu..

Now it’s time to think of the design on what to sew on it. Do you have any ideas for me? 

Cross Stitch Progress

Everything is addictive to me.
Reading book is addictive.
Crafting is addictive.
Cross stitching is addictive.
Recently I’m addicted to Pinterest. Couldn’t help myself to scroll down and pin the picture. lol.

I bet you want to know the progress of my cross stitch.


Almost there… yeap. Hopefully I can finish it within this week.

Heard that my friend’s hoop for Popin project has arrived today. Can’t wait to come home.huhu..

Talk to the hand

One way to distract Amani from ruining the lunch or dinner is to place a camera in front of her. She loves looking at herself in front of the camera and the mirror.


Her favourite posing style. Talk to the hand. It has become her trademark when taking picture. Hehe. Her birthday is around the corner… Wondering what’s the best birthday gift for a two years old princess… Any ideas?

Pastry Book

I love flipping through a cook book. It inspires my imagination of cooking or baking. Lol. Yeah, just an imagination.

I have another new Pastry Book. Bought it while browsing for household at Servay Supermarket. Couldn’t resist pastries, so I bought it.


There are so many unfamiliar name of pastries in this book. Gonna try it when ‘jangkak I rajin’ lol.