Barefoot Mercy Charity Dinner

Last night I had attended a Barefoot Mercy Charity Dinner at The Colloseum room, Pullman Hotel Kuching. The theme was “Kampung Stylo”, and last night some of the guests came with T-shirt and sarung. Very sporting.


The goody bag (where we should keep our shoes, yes.. we went barefoot inside! ;)), a barefoot badge and a ticket. Yeah, can you see it? MACC in action! Before entering the room, I had set in mind to meet Douglas Lim in person. Fan maah… watched him since ‘The Kopitiam’ series…. hehe.


As the tagline, we went barefoot inside. Here we took a picture of us barefooting in the hotel. Ahaha, Those were my office colleagues. Can you spot which one is mine? Hehe.


Uniquely, we’ve been served a kampung style menu. There were Nasi Padi Huma, Ayam Pansuh, Sayur Umbut Masak Lemak, Sayur Pucuk Ubi, Sayur Paku, Daging masak hitam, Tilapia fish, Fried Rebung and ulam-ulam.


Very presentable right. I was quite like the fish. The meals were good, however we were very dissapointed with the hotel service. There was no water refill. When asked the waiter to refill our water, they answered was “Tunggu kejap, air dalam jug dah habis.” What? So what’s the option then? Choked ourself? If I had to rate for the service, I would give one star only lah. Kata hotel bintang-bintang… tapi nk refill plain water pun tak mampu. Huh. :-[ In the end, we bought the mineral water from the shop outside.


This picture was taken before the dinner started. From left to right: Freda, me and Ayu. I was wearing my mother kebaya, very ‘seksa’ to control the ‘tummy’ area. Lol.

Well the best part was when the MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) took the stage. They were Dr. Jason Leong, Kuah Jenhan and Douglas Lim. I have recorded the song perfomed by Douglas Lim called “I hate K-pop!”. When I listened to it again, it really made me laugh. (Sorry, tak berani nak share. So many sensitive issues. Hehe).

After Douglas had performed, we were heading out to leave. Thought it was our lucky day. As we went out the room, the three comedians were standing outside and chit chatting among themselves. Whithout a second thought, we took a picture with them.


(Picture from Ain’s hp. Well, I’ve got mine but not too clear. ) They were very sporting. Just like you saw them on stage, very funny as well. So last night, we sleep with a big grins. LOL.


4 thoughts on “Barefoot Mercy Charity Dinner

  1. Douglas was supposed to be an English teacher – got the UK twinning scholarship, graduated but changed his mind. Bet this is a whole lot nicer than being a teacher…especially nowadays. Follow your heart, follow your dream!

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