Bookfair and Kids

There’s a bookfair at The Summer Shopping Mall, Kota Samarahan from Smart Bookshop. We went there on the second day of the book fair. Quite sad because I only managed to grab only two books. Yeah, two books while all the prices for the hardcover and paperback books are RM8!!!


You must be wondering why I only bought two books. A book addict will buy at least 5 or 10… Well here’s the reason why… While I was browsing for my favourite title, on my other hand I had to carry Amani. If I let her down she’ll keep tagging me to go somewhere else. And then DearDear helped me to carry her. He also cannot ‘tahan’. And then I saw a father carry her daughter in a trolley. I thought it was a good idea but not long after that her daughter crying for bored. Oh.. poor us book worm parents.


I hope the organizer could look through to this situation. They should provide one section for the children to play around while their parents going crazy over the books. Lol!


3 thoughts on “Bookfair and Kids

  1. Kesian anak… Ok, if the kids enjoy it and I’m sure it would be a lot more fun if the parents makes it like a game or something fun like a magical mystery tour or something…and not just dump them in there and get so engrossed in their shopping.

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