Skin Allergy

My skin allergy has never ending stories. Recently, I’ve been suffering the skin rash just like what I’d experienced during my pregnancy.

As usual, I would do the check up at Dr. Kon (the skin specialist). He said the symptoms just like what I had during pregnancy… there must be something that trigger the rash.

Ever since I heard that, my mind keep on rewinding the situation during pregnancy and the current situation. Few simmilarities I had discovered though..

1. Kao Attack Powder Detergent – I think this might be the cause of my skin rash. cuz I used to stop using it during confinement, and at that time I didn’t have the skin problem. I started to use the detergent again quite recently and.. look what I’ve got now. huhu…

2. Hazy weather – one thing I found that when I feel my skin was itchy, the weather must be like hazy…

3. Dust – I am really allergic to dust. The longest day I could stand using our bedsheet was three days. After that, change new. When packing things, I would end up scratching my whole body and had a running nose. The doctor advised me to wear gloves and mask when dealing with dust.

4. Construction Site – There was bridge and drain constructions at my office area. The doctor said the dust from the construction area were really bad for sensitive skin like me. huhu..


This time the doctor gave me new cream (the green cream) which is used 10 minutes before taking bath. The other two creams were the same cream I use since pregnant. There were two types of itchiness pill to be taken daily and night.

I guess I just have to live with this thing in my body. If you happen to know other alternatives to overcome this type of allergy, please share with me. I will welcome all the comments from you.. and thank you for sharing. 😉


6 thoughts on “Skin Allergy

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the skin allergy.. I’ve ongoing eczema problems too.. and I use this physiogel ( i think you can get it from pharmacy) as a bathing agent rather than normal soap.. hope this may help you.. and lots of moisturizer.. 🙂
    take care

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