Treasure found

Updating my September Challenge.
Only 10% progress. Muahaha. Oh no.. I’m very very lame at this.
I found that almost all the boxes were unused items such as old clothes, old books and newspapers…


Found out my old notes during my study at the university. At first I just throw them all in a dustin. But then I had a second thought that I feel like ‘sayang’ to throw it.(second thought is really bad, see?) There were so many memories when seeing the notes. I remember repeating three times of the Calculus subject. I am very ‘bebal’ with that subject. Huhu. The last paper I took it when I had a chicken pox. Had to sit the exam separately from others.

There were my notes on the Japanese language subject. I remember the lecturer who taught us the subject always brought the ice cream bell. When it was time to finish her subject, she would rang the bell. Ahaha… Those were my small notes too. Before exam, those notes were really helpful. We would read the notes in the car, at the cafe and outside the exam hall. How can I forget those memories….


Horrible!!! Found my treasure in this box. Look at the thick dust. At first I was afraid to touch the things in the box. Afraid it might cause the itchiness on my skin. Then I put on gloves and wear a mask. Start working like a doctor… or CSI officer (too many reading crime scene books).


Ta-da! Finished cleaning the stuff and transfered them into a bew clean box. What are the things? Mostly they were my picture frames. I never knew that I loved collecting frames, until I found the box.

There it goes a picture of me driving after had my driving license (it was my first time driving the rental car with my friend), a picture of me and my best friend at our Form 5 dinner, a picture of our Diploma convocation, a tulip frame where I put a picture of me and my sister with our mom, pictures of my ‘spice girls’ best friend (my childhood friend) and more frames..

For the time being, all the treasures were kept in a box. Wait till I have my own house. I’m dreaming of my oen gallery. 😉


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