Favour in need : Anemones

I have assignment for decorating dowries which is due on December.
The theme, the concept had been agreed and now it leaves me with the next mission. I think this one is tough…

Mission: To find artificial white Anemones.


White anemones, picture from Pinterest

This flower is very rare used in our country. Just like last time, when I want to use Hydrangea for my wedding. Now, hydrangeas are everywhere.

As for Anemones, I never found it in my town so far. So I need your favour (anyone with big heart), if you find white anemones in your area, do let me know…

The reason I choose this flower is because it suits to the theme that my customer wants. If I cannot find the flower, I have to swtch to the basic – roses… muhuu..

Boboi the cat


Meet Boboi, the youngest cat in my ‘cat family’.
He’s the only third generation that survived. If you knew my first cat, the late Shemisz… this is her grandson. I miss Shemisz. 😦

This morning, Boboi discovered a new technique to climb in a flower pot. Unfortunately, he forgot the technique how to climb off the pot. Sigh~ Luckily he’s small, I just grab his collar and put him down. muhuhu…