Favour in need : Anemones

I have assignment for decorating dowries which is due on December.
The theme, the concept had been agreed and now it leaves me with the next mission. I think this one is tough…

Mission: To find artificial white Anemones.


White anemones, picture from Pinterest

This flower is very rare used in our country. Just like last time, when I want to use Hydrangea for my wedding. Now, hydrangeas are everywhere.

As for Anemones, I never found it in my town so far. So I need your favour (anyone with big heart), if you find white anemones in your area, do let me know…

The reason I choose this flower is because it suits to the theme that my customer wants. If I cannot find the flower, I have to swtch to the basic – roses… muhuu..


10 thoughts on “Favour in need : Anemones

  1. juewa, i got friend yg tgh order seed for anemones 😀 mun ada klak nya inform kmk, maybe nya plant bunga ya 🙂 nya madah susah carik seeds ya plus off white anemones nang hangat dipasaran 🙂

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