September books

Greenday said “wake me up when September ends”.
So, hello October!!
My September wrap up.
1. I fail the September challenge. (thought I could finish clearing the section within a month, but no.. With only me doing all the dumping, rearranging things.. Plus with the limited time… I guess it’ll take ages to complete the challenge.)
2. More books coming.


There was a book fair happening last month, I went twice. The first time I managed to buy two books only. The second time I went, I bought 6 books. Kena bebel DearDear lagi sebab spent too long at that place. Muhuuu…


Borong all crime fiction and horor books. Hehe. It didn’t stop there.


Kathy whatsapp me, asked if I want to pesan any books from Bookexcess. I gave her the list, she only found one book from the list. I’ve been looking forward to read this book. Marian Keyes is my sister’s favourite author. The first Keyes book I read was Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married. Thanks Kathy!


I also ordered this book online. This is the last book of the Watersong series. Can’t wait to read it and get indulged in the mermaids world.


Last but not least. A farewell gift from my colleague, Amy Sim. She was no longer working in our office, therefore I’m missing one book junkie friend. Huhu. Thank you for the gift Amy. You shouldn’t have indeed…

Hopefully, all those books will keep motivate me to clear that section as soon as possible. Yosh!


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