Birthday treat

Someone birthday is today.
Amani? Nope, her birthday is on 12th October.
It’s DearDear birthday.


Happy Birthday Abah!!!
He was busy today, preparing for their next convention event. huhu.
So I arranged a birthday treat for him last night.
Off we went to the Bella Italia. Before I decided to chose this restaurant, I have read many food bloggers’ review about this place. They served the best Italian cuisines in town. Great!


Well, I have to agree with the reviewers. The food was great! The staffs were friendly, and the place was cozy. Luckily we came early, because after 8pm, the place was full house. We ordered Mushroom Soup (RM12) -yummy yummy, Quatro Pizza (RM36) – recommended, Fettucini Carbonara (RM26) – mark as my favourite esp. the gravvy… and DearDear had Salmon Gamberi (RM43) -they were big prawns imside. I was surprised to see that the plain water was free of charge. Nothing is free nowadays, even of you go to the normal stall, they would charged you at least 40 cents for plain water.

I’m sure will come again to this place. If you want to try, here’s the address:
Bella Italia
RH Plaza, Ground Floor,
Lot 9958, Block 16, No. 111,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang No. 1, Kuching.
Tel: 082-454570/012-8599955

You must be wondering what I gave to DearDear this year. I have three presents for him. One of them was this…


Two books from Ramlee Awang Murshid, our favourite author.
I’ll let you guess what are the other two presents. Muahaha…. Shouldn’t share everything to everyone because don’t want people to feel ‘inggar’ (menyampah) with me. The very famous phrase by people nowaday was “Ya pun nak padah….” 😛