I still remember…

Hello readers…
Have you ever feels that time flies so so fast? It’s already Thursday… Two days to go for Amani’s two years birthday. Yeah… two years ago, today was the day that I had started to feel the contraction. The pain started from behind my waist, and then it went to my back…

I remember I told DearDear that I couldn’t bear the pain anymore so he rushed me to the hospital. I can still feel the nervous feeling that night. The silent environment at the labour room. At two a.m. the doctor checked on me and he said it wasn’t the time yet. He told me to go home instead. I feel frustrated and went back home… bearing the pain day and night, crying… Praying… Me and DearDear had to slept on the couch because I could’t sleep in our room that time. I remember at 3 am everyday, I would woke up in pain. Given to me the ratings from 1 to 10, I would choose 9.5!  DearDear would try rubbing my back to slow down the pain. T.T

Yeah.. The pain continued until the next day in the afternoon, DearDear told me let’s get some fresh air. We were planning to try one restaurant that day… and then… as I wanted to get ready, I saw clear water running down to my feet… Ok. I will continue the story tomorrow. Hehe… Suspense sikit. Ahakz…


Do you guys remember this candy and the bubbles? Found them at the Kenyalang park.shop. I bought the bubbles and decided to give them to my niece and nephew. I will tell them “This is our favourite toys back then. Your mother loves to squeezzed and paste this on to my head!” I hate it back then but I’m missing the memories.. Lol.


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