Two years ago

I should have posted this entry yesterday… 12th October, 2013.
Two years ago, on 12th October, I gave birth to a cute baby girl Nurfatiha Amani


Weight at 3.75kg, normal delivery. I mentioned this as it not to be show off but until now, I still couldn’t believe myself. Most people would option for a Ceasarean. The last time the doctor scanned me, they said the baby would weight at 3.4kg

The first thing I saw when I had delivered her was her hair. I thought, what a thick hair… ahaha. And then I hold her, her cheek touched mine… it was so smooth.


DearDear waiting moment

Back on the day before I delivered her, I was warded on 11th October at 2pm. Remember my story when my water broke? Yeah, so we rushed to the hospital. I was warded because the opening was still 3cm, and the progress was soo slow. I felt a bit frustrated, I bet every mothers outhere when come to this situation.. all they want is to deliver asap. Couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

So the doctor told me, if the opening still no progress untill midnight, I had to be induced… force labour. huhu… As expected, I was induced. The contraction came from hours, from mild to the max… at the labour room, they provide a flat screen tv. At that time, ‘Bang bang boom’ was on aired, it should be a funny show but it doesn’t helped me to ease the pain. Almost every minute I would asked the doctor, “dah ka doctor?” (now it reminds me of the donkey in Shrek movie. He kept asking Shrek “Are we there yet?” lol). Luckily the doctor in charged on me is a cool type person. He told me “tunggu sekejap lagiik..” ayoo…

My cousin Naim (my bridesmaid) was there also before she went to work (she’s a nurse). And then DearDear accompanied me until the labour time. After 18 hours of a long waiting, at 8.09am finally I delivered a baby girl. Thanks to everyone who involved from the beginning to the end. Especially to my family, DearDear (very cool… ),  and to Naim (who really helping me a lot!).


Happy Birthday to my princess! Be a good girl, my dear. Mwah. xoxo.


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