Ding Tea

Ding Tea! Ding Tea!
I am addicted to Ding Tea.


Nah, ambik ko. I even paste the menus on my office table. muahaha. It’s for inspiration! Lol.


Among all, my favourite was Bubble Milk Tea. I’ve tried Taro Milk Tea (Yam flavour) & Hokkaido milk tea. All were too sweet for me. I prefer something light like Bubble Milk Tea. Plus, the price is cheaper because no need to add Pearls on it (extra charge for add on Pearls).


Recently, they gave me the Ding Tea card. Collect all chops and get 1 free drink. Valid until February 2014. Aiyaa.. easy leh. Since it’s my favourite beverage, I think I manage to complete it within this year. (Cakap besar ho…)


Okay, this is to make people clear about the Halal status. I managed to snap the Halal Certificate on the Ding Tea outlet’s wall. Clear, ok. =)


Another rumours I’ve been heard about this drink, the pearls were made from some chemicals which can harm our body. Ok, here I also managed to snap the articles from the outlet’s counter. I wonder how can they assumed it was mix with chemical? The bubbles were easy to make. Just pour hot water into tapioca flour,and make it like a small pearl… and boil it. No chemicals needed.

I wonder why some people always want to condemn on others’ businesses. Especially on Halal status. Please people, especially Malaysian… before you jump into conclusion… revised the facts first. We live in harmony, ain’t we?

p/s: DearDear loves Hokkaido Coffee. I persuaded him to drink it. kikikiki…


One thought on “Ding Tea

  1. No, thank you. For one thing, it’s expensive…and besides, it’s like chewing rubber. Give me my kacang merah or cendol anytime. Post on that coming up…tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

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