Kitchen Utensils

I have another craziness. (As my mother once said “Gila ada macam-macam”).

I love collecting fancy kitchen utensils. I’m the one who thought that Martha Stewarts’s kitchen is boring… huhu. There’s one chef (forgot her name), who inspired me to have a fancy kitchen utensils.  Here’s mine..


Look how fancy they are. XD
By looking at the colourful utensils, it automatically motivates me to cook or bake. And I will turn on my happy mood in the kitchen. Lol!


Recently I bought this green saucepan. It’s my favourite saucepan so far. I hesitate to use other pans because this pans keeps attract my attention. Look, how colour can influence you… 😉


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Utensils

  1. u have mot seen my baking accessories yet..some of them have not been used..and i have this one large box to dump them all..can’t wait to own a house and have my own kitchen..

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