Love you, Mr. Arrogant

Lately I am busy with my craft projects and I have to put aside my ‘drugs’. The dateline is just around the corner and it stole my sleeping time. At last, I am end up laying on my bed with flu and fever.

Thought of resting at home and having my me time. Instead, had to rush to the dental clinic because of Amani’s bleeding gum. Sigh~ Will update on that story later.

At this moment, I am struggling to put her into bed. Now I have my time for my October drug…


It’s a Malay novel, Love you Mr. Arrogant by  Aliesha Kirana. I borrowed this book from Tikah. If you’re a fan of Akasia slot on TV3, I bet you must be following the current drama which was adapted from this book.

That’s all for today. See ya.

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