Temptation #33: Mi Sapi Hj. Salleh

It’s been awhile I haven’t eat Mi Sapi Hj. Salleh.


If you’re Kuching townies, I bet you must be familiar with this place. Located at Satok Flyover, in between the carpet store and Satok Flyover cafe. You’ll find Sepinang Sari.

I remember my father always brought me to eat here. The Mi Sapi was very famous back then. Yesterday me and DearDear brought Amani to the dentist, which was on the 2nd floor of the building as well. After that, we chose to have lunch at Sepinang Sari. I prefer normal Mi Sapi while DearDear ordered Mi Sapi with Tendon. It was very pricey compared to the last time. Now it’s already cost RM4.50 & the Mi Sapi with Tendon was RM7.++ Sigh~

Yeah compared to the last time, the taste now has lost its’ kick. I think it might be because the daughter had take over to run the business. Last time it used to be the owner, Hj Salleh who cooked for the customers.

Nevertheless, it is still nice. My cravings has been fullfil. Wehehe.

8 thoughts on “Temptation #33: Mi Sapi Hj. Salleh

  1. Sama taste pitbul ngn bpk kmk..mee sapi tendon..but it’s tru..nang dh x brapa taste nya..x padan ngn rega..n kelelahan menunggu..

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