Giveaway Gift – Received

How was your weekend?
Mine was as usual – packed! Other people might enjoying and relaxing on the weekend but not for me. However I don’t regret it because weekend is my quality times. My full attention distracted by my family. πŸ˜‰ This would explained why my blog isn’t updated for two days. muhuhu.


Last Friday, I received this parcel and it made my day. I knew who it was from and I didn’t feel curious about it.


Yeah, it is the giveaway gift from Angela, whom had hosting the giveaway early on this month. So I won the Set A button, which is soo lovely!


Surprisingly, there’s more gift. She also included two types of tea from Singapore. It was very nice of her. Thanks so much!!!

I have postcards and few souvenirs for you. Just wait till it reaches into your mail box. hehe.

p/s: Other friend who would like to join swapping mail with meΒ  can contact me. =)

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